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Camplife Flat Pack BBQ
Components of the Flat Pack BBQ

in the box

This flat-pack bbq set includes 4 side plates and 1 base plate, all made of high-grade stainless steel able to withstand high temperatures. They are super easy to assemble as they just slot together!

Additionally, the set comes with a pair of tongs, an extra clamping grid, and a 3-in-1 base stand, all stored in a durable ripstop canvas bag.

Uses for the 3in1 base stand

Base Stand

Use as a base stand

This BBQ comes with a base stand that allows you to take it on picnics without damaging the grass. You can also use it on a suitable outdoor table for a raised cooking position.

Base Stand as Lid

Use as a lid for smoking

The base also doubles as a lid, allowing you to infuse your preferred meat or vegetable with a delightful smoky taste. We recommend trying it with mackerel - we have tested it ourselves and it turns out to be absolutely delicious!

Base Stand as Frying Pan

Use as a frying pan

One of the most enjoyable ways to use the base is for cooking, particularly as a frying pan. It's a unique experience to wake up to a full English breakfast cooked over an open fire in a beautiful environment.

It's also a Fire Pit!

The smartly crafted design and durable high-heat stainless steel material make it possible to utilise it as a fire pit, keeping you cosy as you savour your favourite beverage after a barbecue.

The Clamp Grid

In addition to the traditional grid, we supply a clever clamp grid that simplifies the grilling process by enabling you to flip all your meat at once with ease!

Easy to assemble

This nifty design is incredibly easy to assemble, allowing you to start grilling in just seconds!


The grilling space is 30cm by 30cm which to put it visually is 6 chicken thighs and a pack of sausages, or a whole spatchcock chicken!

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